How to get an Italian citizenship?

How to get an Italian citizenship?

How to get an Italian citizenship? Getting Italian citizenship is a long process with many requirements. It can be done either by residence or by naturalization. To get Italian citizenship through the residence, applicants must have resided in Italy continuously for at least 4 years before applying. Applicants must also provide evidence that they are able to support themselves financially, as well as evidence of their knowledge of the Italian language.

How powerful is a Vatican passport?

Vatican passport

Vatican City citizens benefit from visa-free access to a total of 123 countries. This makes the Vatican passport the 36th most powerful passport in the world, according to rankings published by Henley & Partners. To become a citizen of Vatican City, individuals must be Catholic and have considerable professional experience in areas such as diplomacy, charity, or religious instruction.

Everything about Italy remote work visa

italy remote work visa

The Italy remote work visa allows individuals to work remotely in the country while living outside of it. This is a great opportunity for those who want to live abroad, but do not wish to commit to a long-term stay in Italy. With this visa, you can remain connected with your home country and gain […]

How to Get Italy Digital Nomad Visa?

Digital nomad visa Italy

Much like other European countries, Italy, too, by the end of 2022, will launch a flexible and beneficial framework to attract thousands of digital nomads in Italy.